“When I was a grommet I was fascinated by 2 things, Big Waves and becoming a Shaper, my wall was full of posters of both so for me that was the ultimate gig ! ...I was fortunate enough to have a friend in the industry and he gave me a start and from there to this day I still have the same passion to create boards not only at a high performance level but also functional from small waves to 40 foot... I have designed them all from 4 foot to 11 foot.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a board you shaped on the winners podium at a global surf contest or a stoked out grommet at my local or a solid Gun dropping into a mammoth wave.

- Aido


Groundhog Glassing was created 10 years ago to enable us to give you what we believe to be a well-made CUSTOM surfboard.

Our Tradesmen all have over 25 plus years’ experience in their fields hence why we believe you are getting a high quality Australian made surfboard .The team consists of Sean Wilde – Laminator and resin tint lord , Rich Quiggin – Fin installs and Sander of a fine edge , Geoff Crump- Arteeest and filler coat guy.

The showroom is your classic traditional grassroots Surfboard Factory showroom, there’s a bit of dust on everything, the boards are fresh from production and the smell of resin is in the air. We have accessories for your every need and we even pack boards in the showroom We love it and we hope you enjoy the experience of chatting with me regarding your next order which is something you can’t get everywhere!